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    - CD
       01  (Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar
       02  Bullet
       03  I Burn Today
       04  Wave Of Mutilation
       05  Living On Soul
       06  She's My Way
       07  Massif Centrale
       08  Where Is My Mind?
       09  Raider Man
       10  Demon Girl
       11  Dead Man's Curve
       12  Cactus
       13  Six-Sixty-Six
       14  Radio Lizards
       15  Don't Get Me Wrong
       16  All Around The World
       17  Nadine
       18  Manitoba
       19  The Water
       20  Song Of The Shrimp
    - DVD
       01  Los Angeles
       02  Brackish Boy
       03  I Burn Today
       04  Cactus
       05  Nadine
       06  The Holiday Song
       07  Sing For Joy
       08  Dead Man's Curve
       09  California Bound
       10  Ed Is Dead
       11  My Life Is In Storage
       12  Two Reelers
       13  Whiskey In Your Shoes

"This release is comprised of live Frank Black acoustic recordings from Summer 2006, along with five studio tracks recorded partly in hotel rooms and partly at Planet of Sound studios in Hartford, Connecticut. The set also features a DVD (NTSC format) with selections from one of the live acoustic shows and the whole things features seven new songs in total. The project was produced by longtime Pixies’ camp member Myles Mangino. While the CD/DVD may one fine day be distributed to retail outlets, it is currently available as an exclusive to and Cooking Vinyl’s online store...."

This Release details:
  • Release date: Dec 18, 2006
  • Label: Cooking Vinyl
  • Format: CD/DVD
  • Catalog number: COOKCD400
  • Origin: UK

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