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Two Spaces

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Guitar Tab:

This gravity
Is feeling like a tether
I want to want to be
So high above the weather
All frequency around, 'round, 'round, 'round
Without a sound

And there's today
And there's two spaces
And too many places
Not to go to

This big old sea
Is feeling like a pleasure
I look cautiously
At all the falling treasure
With some frequency
It comes down
Without a sound

And there's today
And there's two spaces
And too many places
Not to go to

"'Two Spaces' is about two spaces: the space of outer space and also the ocean, which is often compared to the space of outer space, an impenetrable world for man. So, in the first verse, we find our singer kind of bummed out that he can't experience the space of outer space. He's greedy compared with the singer of the second verse, who's perhaps a more intelligent (but at least less greedy) ocean animal. He's wondering why all this treasure keeps sailing down from above to where he lives. He doesn't necessarily want to walk on land or go to outer space. He's happy being in the ocean."
- Frank Black in VOX Issue 30, March 1993

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