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Parry The Wind High, Low

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Guitar Tab:

And if a ship meets your car
You know you can't go real far
Well they could treat you real nice
Or put a tracking device

Way down inside

I'm checking out inventions at the UFO convention tonight
Planes above the Hilton make it sunny, brought my money tonight
Blue blond ladies of abduction strumming guitars of instruction tonight
A lot of wannabe truckers making eyes with starfuckers tonight

I've got my hands on some sights
Electric glasses with lights
They got me feeling deluxe
For just a couple of bucks
Way down inside

I'm getting patterns from a trekker and it sounds like soul records to me
They're waving hi from some gazebo, waving on to Arecibo to me

I'm getting patterns from a trekker, sounds like soul records to me
I'm getting patterns from a trekker, sounds like Desmond Dekker to me

Sleep machine
In your silo
Things you've never seen

Parry the wind high, low

Definitions and References:
Aˇreˇciˇbo (n.)
A city of northern Puerto Rico on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a commercial and industrial center and is most known internationally as home to the Arecibo Observatory, the world's largest single-aperture telescope (which you may recognize from the final showdown in the James Bond movie GoldenEye).

Treˇkker (n.)
Common term for a fan of the Star Trek series, often to be found at science fiction conventions.

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