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Guitar Tab:

I took three days to drive down one street
The radio on, tuned to the big fleet
Invisible planes are cracking the concrete
That's just what some people say

I put down my blanket on Cigarette Butt Beach
I saw the old man, he was doing OK
He's making his last stand
On old bottles and cans
'Round there, Calistan way

Used to be sixteen lanes
Used to be Nuevo Spain
Used to be Juan Wayne
Used to be Mexico
Used to be Navajo
Used to be yippy-ay-I-don't know

Went in from the weather when I got wheezy
I play some pachinko I play pachisi
And St. Anne is still making it breezy
In the valley of tar that once was L.A.

And my best friend he's the king of karaoke
He struck up a chord and he took it away
Out of the pan
And into Japan
'Round there, Calistan way

Used to be sixteen lanes
Used to be Juan Wayne
Used to Mexican
Used to be Espano Nuevo
Used to Navajo
Used to be yippie-ay-I-don't know

- An alternate rendition exists with only Frank Black on vocals and Eric Drew Feldman on keyboard

"And through the layers of California, from pre-Navajo (as the Spaniards said) all the way to a time found somewhere between now and Blade Runner."
- Frank Black, from the Teenager press kit.

"My Calistan, playing on the whole 'Stan' suffix, you know, Turkistan, Afghanistan; this is 'california-stan', which sounds a little silly, so Calistan. It sorta takes us into the future sometime between now and bladerunner."
- Frank Black, Glr Radio interview, May 18, 1994

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