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Old Black Dawning

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Guitar Tab:

I hung around
On the planet Mabel
She tried to stand
But she was not able

She tried to find the truth
She tried to colonize space
She only had a few
But it was a good race

Old Black Dawning is coming on
Old Black Dawning is coming on
Old Black Dawning
Old Black Dawning

I'm always happy to
Go down to old Tucson
After you had your fun
It's time to move on

I've got a favorite story
About the Tower of Babel
Some say it's true
And some say it's a fable

Old Black Dawning is coming on
Old Black Dawning is coming on
Old Black Dawning
Old Black Dawning

From an interview with David Kushner. Mondo 2000 No. 10, c. 1993
M2: Your song "Old Black Dawning" is about Biosphere 2 in Arizona. Did you go there?
FB: Yeah, like a typical tourist. I took my drive out with my co-producer Eric Feldman. It's worth the ten bucks to take the little tour. I don't know if Biosphere 2 is a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously, it has very strong critics. Some are Green political thinkers, and some are regular Joe Blows living in Tucson who are like, "What the fuck are those guys doing in the middle of the desert with a damn greenhouse?"
M2: I've heard more sinister suggestions. Like maybe a dress rehearsal for some post-apocalyptic internment camp.
FB: It's interesting--whatever--whether it works or not. Even if it's some evil plan for billionaires to be protected from pollution or bombs. That may be only one element, though, as it obviously has connections to space technology.

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