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Sir Rockaby

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Guitar Tab:

You've got a sad face
You don't show it
And you're smiling it, too
Even in deep, deep outer space
There's something for you

I'm Sir Rockaby
And rockin' I am [x2]

The world is a rock that's
Spinning so fast
It'll give you jim-jams
I'm just a real love diplomat
Won't give you no flim-flams

I'm Sir Rockaby
And rockin' I am [x2]

How many stars girl
Can you both count
And then classify?
I'm standing here in this big swirl
Singing this lullaby

I'm Sir Rockaby
And rockin' I am [x3]

"That's a pretty mellow song. Although, (I and my co-producer have had this discussion a couple of times) that even though it's the mellowest song (so to speak) on the record, in a way, we feel it's the most rockin' (not any pun intended by the title), but in a way it's sort of,'s the most..i don't know what the right word is. I wanna say macho, but that's not really the right word either. It's the most something. It's the most rockin' number for us on a much higher lever, on a more base level, yes, it's mellow, but on a higher know, whatever that's called, it's rockin'. I really wanted Ray Davies to write the lyrics to that song. I had had a connection to his former manager, and I sent him the song without lyrics, and I never heard back form him, which is fine."
- Frank Black, Glr Radio interview, May 18, 1994

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