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    Live Thursday June 24, 1993 10PM Eastern
     01  Theme From One Step Beyond
     02  I Heard Ramona Sing
     03  Los Angeles
     04  Every Time I Go Around Here
     05  Parry The Wind High, Low
     06  Mammal
     07  Particle Man
     08  Tossed
    09  Adda Lee
     10  Fu Manchu
     11  This Is Where I Belong
     12  Ten Percenter
     13  Czar
     14  Spy
Adda Lee

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Guitar Tab:

I'm a wishbone
And I'm breaking
Yeah, I'm wishing for Adda Lee

And the lake sings
And the dogs don't
They are quiet for Adda Lee
Adda Lee

I`m sorry and I miss you
And away, I went away
Cause I wished I was away
I wished I was away

A wishing well, of well wishing
And Adda waves away
Adda waves away

Heroine of the stars
I don't know where I am
But I know who you are

Adda Lee
Adda Lee

And she whispered
And she left me a man
For the world

Oh Adda Lee (x3)

"'Adda Lee' is a fictitious name, but it's a real person. A person I loved very much and who is dead. Normally, I wouldn't write about a topic quite so personal, but it was a short song and it was a nice song and, for whatever reason, Adda Lee crept into it; it became a lyric and felt right at the time. It's a little ditty about a very big thing. I con't think I could ever write an epic called 'Adda Lee'."
- Frank Black, VOX Issue 30, March 1993.

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