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    Live Thursday June 24, 1993 10PM Eastern
     01  Theme From One Step Beyond
     02  I Heard Ramona Sing
     03  Los Angeles
     04  Every Time I Go Around Here
     05  Parry The Wind High, Low
     06  Mammal
     07  Particle Man
     08  Tossed
     09  Adda Lee
     10  Fu Manchu
     11  This Is Where I Belong
    12  Ten Percenter
     13  Czar
     14  Spy
Ten Percenter

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Guitar Tab:

(Aw that's nice)

I'm just another ten percenter
My mind is like an ocean
My mind is like an ocean
I'm hanging in the harbor

I'm just drifting, letting out the line
I'm letting out the drifting line
I'm trying to be a guy
Who's hailing from Ann Arbor

Making jerk
Getting perk
And itís good
Yeah I would
I'm a jerk!

If you're getting cotton mouth
You better have some water
Sucking syrup and soda
You're going to just get hotter

But if you want to wile awhile
but if you want to wile awhile
Oh suck a syrup and soda
Oh dance, oh sons and daughters

Making jerk
And itís good
Getting perk
Yeah I would
Iím a jerk

If you got cotton mouth
My mind is like an ocean (x3)

I'm a jerk
Making jerk
Soda jerk
And it's good
Jerk! (x5)

- Iggy Pop (born James Osterberg) was raised in a trailer park close to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in nearby Ypsilanti. He would go on to become the godfather of punk rock, first fronting legendary punk band The Stooges, then enjoying a long solo career.

"Soda jerks, Iggy Pop, and me."
- Frank, from the Frank Black album press kit

Definitions and References:
Ann Arbor - City in southern Michigan where the University of Michigan is located. It is also Iggy Pop's hometown.

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