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I Burn Today

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Guitar Tab:

I knew a girl with sad blue eyes
But at the feast I lost my psychic prize
I did forget what the tarot maid did say
I burn today
I burn today

Our house was filled with many birds
She said to me I can understand their words
The land will shake so run away
I burn today
I burn today

Yes today I will burn
For the times I did not learn

She said our fun, its time has come
Hold my heart strings and have yourself a strum
No nevermore this song will we play
I burn today
I burn today

And as I drank in old Paris
She lay her cards just to see what she would see
Down by the water you will find your happys days
I burn today
I burn today

Yes today I will burn
For the times I did not learn

I ran so fast in to the North
No snow on me then so he said thence forth
I let snow fall on a frozen yesterday
I burn today I burn today

If my head is hanging down
I feel her arms and her legs are all around
And we make love beside the waterway
I burn today I burn today

Yes today I will burn
For the times I did not learn

Behold the rose of Jericho
How many lives I really do no know
Though with the rain I know it will return
Today I burn
Today I burn

The cover art for the single was done by Julian Clark - Violet Clark's son (7 years old).

Recording Notes on the Christmass version:

Guitar - Martin -> Countryman DI -> Universal Audio 2-610 tube preamp.

Vocals - Neumann U87ai (with a Stedman metal pop filter) -> Groove Tubes Vipre Tube Preamp -> DBX 160SL compressor -> Digidesign 192 A/D converter (96k/24-bit)

Recorded live by Myles Mangino on September 10, 2006 in Bellingham, WA at the Night Light Lounge.

"This is my favorite song on the record, for a lot of reasons: the way the lyrics came out, the way everyone plays on it -- the way the guitars sound and the whole vibe. It actually wouldn't have even been called "I Burn Today" had it not been for Jon Tiven. I had written it without a chorus, thinking of it as kind of a repetitive folk song. But Jon kept insisting I add to it, so I went back to my hotel one night and added the refrain: "and today I will burn for all the times I did not learn." That made the song ten times better, so I have to give Jon credit for that. It makes me happy now, every time I listen to it."
- Frank on recording Honeycomb - Night Times. 12/06/2005

SKRATCH: In "I Burn Today" you make reference to getting your future read by some tarot cards. Have you ever had a tarot reading before?

SKRATCH: What did it say?
FRANK: Well, it's all there in the song, you know? Not to give you such a short answer, but it's all there in the lyrics. Feel free to quote me at length.
- Frank Black interviewed in Skratch magazine.

On the Christmass version:
"One of my favorite Frank songs. From Bellingham WA. Most of the album comes from this show. In reading through this forum it seems like none of you were there. But, in my opinion this was by far the best show of the tour. The sound in this club was outstanding. The audience was wild - probably the only show with continuous crowd surfing - at an acoustic show!!!! Not sure why but everything just came together and the recording shows it. Frank was in perfect form." - Myles Mangino, producer/engineer, on the forums.

Definitions and References:
The Rose of Jericho or Anastatica hierochuntica , is also know as the ressurection plant. These plants are found in arid areas such as Texas, Mexico, and Eygpt, as well as Arabia and Syria.

The Rose of Jericho practices an odd behavior. It dries up, curling its stems into a tight ball. Propelled by the wind, it scatters its seeds across its path. Once the plant has scattered the seeds after drying, the seeds will sprout.

The seeds of the plant are also very hardy, being that they can lie dormant for years, and be revived by a little water. After drying up, and plant itself would expand and turn green under moist conditions, hence the name "ressurection plant".
- Courtesy Wikipedia.

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