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The Water

Available on:Lyrics:
I hope they're doing OK
I left my wife and kids back in LA
I was no good at playing house
So I started heading south
A busboy said "You best keep away
From the water"

La Barra Zona Rosa was my home
Some guys they never heard the phrase "when in Rome"
Well she knifed that stupid sailor
Now he's gonna need a tailor
For his very special day away
From the water

I thought it would be very nice
To go downtown and see the bull fight
But the beast had not a chance
When I saw the lance

I heard the sound of a Volkswagen
They tied his body to the bumper and started dragging
I saw the blood separate away
From the water

I hope they're doing OK
I left my wife and kids back in LA
I was no good at killing
So I started up gin milling
And I still just keep away (to this day)
From the water

First introduced live at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco Mar. 14, 2006.

Title tentative.

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